Bankruptcy Relief In Central Arkansas
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Bankruptcy Relief In Central Arkansas
Bankruptcy can give you a "fresh start" by eliminating your unsecured debts
consolidate and repay your debts (Chapter 13)

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Our Little Rock and Saline County offices serve all of Central Arkansas and focus on bankruptcy. We offer a full range of bankruptcy services for consumers and small business owners experiencing financial trouble.

Book an appointment with Adaptavant at Ascendas using SetMoreWe will help you protect your assets and use the bankruptcy laws to your advantage. Bankruptcy can give you a “fresh start” by eliminating your unsecured debts (Chapter 7) or allow you to consolidate and repay your debts (Chapter 13) over a three to five year period.

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Little Rock Bankruptcy Client Testimonials

“I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you. I am very happy I chose to do my bankruptcy through your firm. Everyone I came in contact with was very polite, courteous and helpful. Anytime I had a question, Tara was on top of it quickly…”

Thank you for everything!
Kevin M

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Danecki Law PLC

ARKANSAS BAR ASSOCIATIONTaking The Confusion and Stress Out Of Bankruptcy

The Danecki Law Firm offers you answers, peace of mind & the assurance that you’ll be protected by bankruptcy statutes.

“How long after I file bankruptcy will the creditors stop harassing me?”

As soon as you file your bankruptcy petition, an “automatic stay” goes into effect prohibiting creditors from contacting you, filing lawsuits against you, garnishing your wages, repossessing your vehicle and foreclosing on your home.

Can I file a bankruptcy without my spouse?

Yes. However, if you have any joint debt, your spouse will still be liable for the debt.

“How long does a bankruptcy stay on my record?”

A bankruptcy will stay on your record for 7 to 10 years. However, it is up to the creditor whether or not to give you credit. Most people are able to obtain credit shortly after they receive a discharge.

More Bankruptcy FAQ’s

The American Law InstituteThe First, Critical Steps Of Filing For Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy requires attention to detail, but we’re here to help! After setting an appointment, take the time to gather and collect the information outlined below.

  1. Secure a debt counseling certificate. If both husband and wife are filing, a certificate must be obtained for each person. The certificates may be sent directly to our office by the agency you use to obtain the certificate. You will not need a certificate for your free consultation with our office.
  2. Picture ID (driver’s license) and Social Security card. A W-2, pay stub or other items may be substituted.
  3. Verification of the amount of income you received (pay stubs, a computer print-out from your employer and other items may be substituted) during the six months prior to the date you file your case.

More Information Needed When Filing For Bankruptcy