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Robert. R. Danecki

Robert. R. Danecki, Bankruptcy Attorney

Book an appointment with Adaptavant at Ascendas using SetMoreRobert. R. Danecki has been practicing since 1992 and he can put those decades of bankruptcy litigation experience to work for you! Call and schedule a free legal consultation and ask about payment plans that put you back in control of your finances. Put yourself on the road to financial recovery with Arkansas’ most trusted bankruptcy attorneys. We’re here to help at 501.371.0002.

Our Pulaski County and Saline County law offices serve all of Central Arkansas with a focus on bankruptcy declarations and relief services.

We offer a full range of bankruptcy services for consumers and small business owners experiencing financial trouble.

Best Lawyers 2020

Best Lawyers 2020

We will help you protect your assets and use the bankruptcy laws to your advantage.

Bankruptcy can give you a “fresh start” by eliminating your unsecured debts (Chapter 7) or allow you to consolidate and repay your debts (Chapter 13) over a three to five year period.